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IMPORTANT NEWS: For all those who are hosting their domains on my server. Due to a surge in popularity of I am moving all of my web sites to a faster and more powerful server, this mean if you still wish to host your site with me you must update your sites details. For instructions see the tutorial 'Domain Hosting' on this page. You have until June 10th to update.


Just a quick note for all those waiting to receive pictures, they have all been printed and will be sent out over the next few days.


There are a lot of new photographs to be added from the last few weeks so keep a look out. Also you can now buy prints directly from this site, just browse through the gallery and use the shopping cart. If you have any questions about Filthy McNasties on Thursday please contact me.


I've been a bit slack on updating the news pages of this site recently, mainly because a lot of my updates go straight into my LiveJournal, even though the news pages hasn't been updated I've been adding more photos to the gallery. Also if you know me and are on Friendster feel free to add me (


Added the photographs from Specical Needs and The Others here.


Well what a busy 24 hours, after a days lecturing at the LCP I managed to cover Kasabian for NME and still get across town to see The Others, two gigs in one night! I have photos from both which I shall put online ASAP.


Added more Libertines photographs from the last two gigs to the photo gallery. Also I hear that the issue of Vogue that I did work for has been printed, so keep an eye out for scans.


If you are pondering about Baby shambles, keep checking backÖ new tracks will be ready for download soon.


If you're looking for pictures from the Rock Against Racism gig please keep checking back, I'm working on getting the images online ASAP. Meanwhile another week of pictures in NME, this time Graham Coxon, so if you're interested go and check them out.


Check out this weeks issue of NME for my pictures on pages 4-5 and 11.


My apologies if this site has been inaccessible at some points during the day. This has been due to an article in the NME linking the Baby shambles MP3s, and various other links around the net which have caused a huge amount of traffic. If something isn't working please keep trying.


If you are a LiveJournal user and you want to keep track of what i've been doing add me as a friend.


On the 24th of February 2004 Peter Doherty enlisted the help of myself and Jasmine Worth to make available to the world a large amount of unreleased Baby shambles material. Downloads here.


I've added the photographs from Pete on Saturday night. Click here to see.


I've uploaded the photographs from the Libertines on Wednesday at the Duke of Clarence. Click here to see.


Thanks to everyone who emailed me to let me know about my photographs in Pete's book 'The fragility of openness'. Links here and here.


I've changed my MSN messenger address, the new one is on my contact page.


If you're quick you can see my Franz Ferdinand picture on the front page of NME.COM and in the news story here.


Added some new photographs of The Others to the gallery section.


Iíve added a new gallery section. The gallery replaces the portfolio and I will soon move all of the recent things Iíve done like photographs and web sites into it. Take a look in the gallery section now for new pictures of Gene and The Others.


Added photographs to the misc section from Sunday night at Pete's flat.


For anyone who is listed as being in my tutorial groups for either BA or FdA please contact me via email so that we can arrange tutorial times for this term.


Iíve added some new pictures of John Hassall, Johnny Borrell and Franz Ferdinand in the misc section.


Go buy this weeks NME and see my Libertines photograph on page 30 :-)


Well Happy New Year everyone. Iím back from my Christmas travels so expect more updates to the site, also Iím working my way through my ridiculously full inbox so if you sent me a mail and I havenít answered you should receive a reply very soon.


Happy Christmas everyoneÖ


Yet more Libertines photographs added to the misc section.


Added Libertines photographs from last night at the Rhythm Factory.


Added some new Libertines photographs to the misc section.


Added BA year 2 assignment brief and project deadline date.


Iím in the process of moving all the tutorials into the new format, QuickTime movies with full sound and the ability to navigate to any part of the movie at anytime. Iíve already uploaded a few and more will follow shortly.


Added more tutorials.


FdA Digital Media students, if you want the tutorial for Pong please email me. Iíve made a new version just the same as Friday's lesson, this one has sound and walks you through the whole thing.


Minor update to portfolio section.


Updated the Sony monitor experience with more good news, take a look in misc.


Added a new Fireworks tutorial to the learning section.


Added an Xbox Linux webcam tutorial to the learning section.


My ADSL line is suffering :-) all because of my little Matrix clip, if you're linking to the file please make sure you are linking to the proper location, more info here.


Is there anything more exciting than keeping your drivers up to date? Answer: of course there is, but that doesnít stop it being fun. :-) now Iím not recommending you pay for that, just use there free scan then browse the web for the things you need.


Can i just say that Gentoox and the Xbox are amazing -


Added 'Cleaning a Sony Ericsson P800' to the misc section.


Added 'The Sony monitor experience' to the misc section.


Has anyone else noticed if you search ĎLCPí in Google, 'Defend the LCP' comes 7th! :-)


Added fixing an iMac experience to misc section.


Updated the portfolio section slightly.


If you took the DDM quiz and left an email address you should have received the result in your inbox. Have a good summer!


All DDM students please remember to take the quiz in the learning section of the site.


Added info on AIBO DHS to the misc section.


Added some help for the U.S. Robotics 9003 in misc section!


I've setup a public Nessus server for those students who are interested ;-) Look in the misc section.


Added student sign in beta in learning section. I am currently testing this feature, so please do not try and sign up quite yet. I will issue you all codes as soon as the test phase is over.


Minor updates to links and miscellaneous sections.


Added some Fireworks tutorials.


Updated the misc section a little...


All of the old PHP tutorials are now sorted and are being uploaded right now.


Cleaned up the links pages a little.


Oh, the Google dance is on. So maybe the Red Bull does get cached this month, justÖ


No more Red Bull and there wasnít even time for Google to cache it! Instead a whole new front page designÖ


Re-uploaded a few more PHP and CGI tutorials.


OK, a big much need cleanup of the tutorials section. Now everything is categorised, some of the tutorials like PHP are currently not uploaded as I am sorting them into a better order.


Updated the contact page.


Not that you should notice but there are now 403 and 404 pages.


Added a few pages to the portfolio so itís not quite so bare, expect plenty more to follow.


Added lots of new Flash MX tutorials.


Added internet assignment for BA Digital Media Production (Year 2).


My sincerest apologies to everybody on the Saturday course. I had something that felt like the flu on Friday when I woke up but came in to college because it was the last day of projects for the FdA. When I got back Friday night I went straight to bed and spent the whole night and all of Saturday in bed with a really bad fever. I still feel very ill, but hopefully as I have a few days to rest I should be fine for next week. I will make sure that we have an extra lesson to make up for this missed week.


Added Flash MX tutorial, the learning section is getting a little cluttered but I will categorise it as soon as I get a chance.


For all BA year 2 students assignment brief will be uploaded this Friday.


Added Shelly Mcerlaine photos into the misc section.


Added the profile page. Info is a little sketchy at the moment but I will update as soon as I can.


All bow before my new favicon.ico, or not ;-)


BA Year 2 users check back soon for your assignment brief.


Added new tutorials for PHP guestbook.


Not that exciting but now thereís a picture on the links page.


Not many updates over the past week, but now I have some free time today Iím going to do as much work as I can and upload more tutorials etcÖ


Added internet assignment for FdA year 1 (group 2)


Added new tutorial for Dreamweaver.


The links pages are now up and running, again all pulled from database via PHP.


Added first items to downloads page!


Moved the news pages across to PHP, currently updating directly to database but testing admin interface to update news via web interface.


Started the process of porting the site to PHP.


Updated contact page. Mail me if you want anything up on the site...


Added new homepage and updated page templates.


Added more tutorials over the last few days. For you guys and girls on the FdA and Saturday DTP groups check back over the next few days for much more.


Made Greymatter tutorial available for download in the learning section. All other tutorials will downloadable soon, so if you need them keep checking back.


The site is very bare at the moment itís really just a shell. All I'm uploading now is the tutorials for my various lectures, so if you want them go to the learning section. Iíll be uploading more content as soon as I get a chance.