Creative Labs Nomad MuVo² 4GB = A Cheap Hitachi 4GB Microdrive

I take no credit for figuring this out, that was all down to Andy Mack.

On Monday 17th of May 2004 I upgraded my Digital SLR from a Canon D60 up to a Canon 1D Mark II, it soon became obvious that shooting at 8.5 frames per second means I can take a lot of pictures very quickly, and that in turn means that 1GB of storage which seemed adequate before starts to become a little cramped.

Obviously buying a bigger memory card was the order of the day, unfortunately 4GB Microdrives aren’t the cheapest things in the world, which is strange because the 4GB Creative Labs MuVo² are pretty reasonable priced, the reason this is strange is because the MuVo² is actually an MP3 player with a 4GB Microdrive inside it. It's an odd world but the drive on its own costs considerably more than the MP3 player and the drive together, looks like some people are getting ripped off.

So knowing this I trekked of to the shops to buy a MuVo², a short bus journey and £180 later I had in my hands the MP3 player, as soon as I got home I took it out of the packet, took a screwdriver to it and successfully managed to extract the hard drive. Once out of the player it was an easy process to slot it in my camera, format the card, and there we go... the ability to take just over 1200 8MP JPG's in one sitting.

Here are some pictures of the process...