Fixing An iMac

Way back in January, one of my students came to me with a predicament. She owned an Apple iMac and one of her flatmates had tried to put a floppy disk into the DVD drive, when they pulled out the floppy the metal catch that protects the disk was left behind.

Stepping up to the challenge I told her I would try and remove the offending piece of metal, not exactly an easy task as the iMac is very compact and a bit awkward to disassemble. Fear not, with a bit of help from Google, some screwdrivers from the Elephant & Castle shopping centre and the moral support of Simon Walker the mission was successfully accomplished.

  Fixing an iMac 1
Now, some months later, I post Simon's pictures of the experience for your amusement...
Fixing an iMac 2 Fixing an iMac 3
Fixing an iMac 4 Fixing an iMac 5

Fixing an iMac 6 Fixing an iMac 7