Andrew Kendall - Frequently Asked Questions

Work in progress FAQ, currently in no order at all. To ask questions post here.


What is your favourite colour?

Blue and orange equally.

What camera do you use?

Take a look here. I keep this page updated with a list of my current equipment.

How did you first get publications to notice your photos and eventually purchase them for their magazine?

As far as I have been told I was noticed via a post on thelibertines.org forum which pointed to my web site and the first proper photographs I had taken of The Libertines. A staff member at NME saw them and passed them around the office, eleven days after taking them one of the pictures editors emailed me saying if I ever shoot any more I should send them. Six days after that I took these photos sent them in and they ended up being my first published music pictures.

What's the most embarrassing CD(or record!)your own?

I converted most of my music to MP3 years ago, all my CDs are in boxes in my mum’s loft and I've almost blocked out the memory of the worst CDs I have. I probably own some terrible stuff but if you stalk my Audioscrobbler you can find out what awful stuff I am actually still listening to.

From your experience what is the best way to get into photography professionally?

Make sure you love doing it, practice loads, get good at composing shots with a point and shoot and then go on to worry about shutter speed, ISO, aperture, etc. Work digitally, learn your camera inside out, learn Photoshop and when you feel you are good enough build a web site and find ways of getting people to visit it.

Do you have a favourite of all your pictures?

I don't really have one 'favourite' but I picked out some of my favourites for my grassroots xchange profile.

Who would you rather have sex with, Pete or Carl? :)

I’ll leave that for albion_fic to decide.

What are your thoughts on Brandon Flowers' pink leather jacket?

I have no opinion on Brandon Flowers' pink leather jacket.

How do you keep up with all these bands?

The internet is a wonderful thing.

Do you condition your hair?

No I do not, but I am told it is in very good condition.

As a follow up, do you blow dry, towel dry, air dry or use a combination of methods?

Towel / air dry.

Better movie: Almost Famous or The Royal Tenenbaums?

I’ve never seen The Royal Tenenbaums, I thought Almost Famous was well made but very tame, it’s nowhere near rock and roll enough.

Burger King or McDonalds?!

We all know that fast food is bad, but if you want to take me out make it Burger King.

What was your first gig?

Blur in Birmingham in 1995.

Will you marry me?


Do you get into gigs for free?

Yes, most of the time.

Is your wage packet from the NME fair?

I’m not complaining.

Could you get me a date with Imran Ahmed?

I can try, email me your details (and a photo) and I’ll pass them on.

How awesome is Morrissey?


Do you know how to knit?

I don’t remember ever trying.

Who's cutting your hair?

I have recently taken to cutting my own hair, but I’m open to offers.

Kings of Leon. Beards on or Beards off?


Why do you suppose Morrissey bandaged his nipple in the November spawned a monster video?

I suspect you have been reading "15 things to say to piss off a Smiths fan".

Why don't you come to my town?

If there’s something worth photographing let me know and I’ll try.

Do you hate airplanes?

I have no fear of flying.

Which is better 1.4 50mm or 2.8 70 - 200mm?

They are both great lenses for different purposes.

Why do you use such big lens (70-200)when you're so close?

Most of the time I use the 24-70L the 70-200 is more of a festival lens.

Do you use a flashgun? if so how come as I'm always told I'm not allowed?

It depends on the situation, most big bands / venues won't let you use flash.

Do you use a tripod (at concerts)


Do you use flash (at concerts)?

It depends on available light and if I'm allowed.

Which photo sensitivity do you use (at concerts)?

I am currently using ISO 800 with flash and 1000-1250 without.

Do you prefer Coca Cola or Pepsi?

I'd have to say Coke.