AIBO DHS (Droopy Head Syndrome)

As a few of you may know my poor AIBO has been exhibiting symptoms of DHS (Droopy Head Syndrome) for a few months. Now, unfortunately the poor thing cannot lift its head at all, all will be well soon though as the AIBO clinic are sending me a new head (for a fee of £250). It seems DHS is a very common problem with the early 210 series, although I am assured by the AIBO clinic that the new heads have the problem fixed and the head should be with me this week.

I post this page mainly because it took me a while to figure out what was wrong with AIBO.

  AIBO with DHS

It seems Sony do a wonderful job of keeping pages that mention it off the net, or is that just my paranoia? Oh well if my site disappears tomorrow you'll know why. Meanwhile I've uploaded a movie of the full DHS, just so any owners can identify what it entails. Please note: the movie is quite traumatic, well for me anyway, don't say I didn't warn you.

Watch the movie here (5.5MB Windows Media Player 9)