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Setup a Windows based web server and enable the use of CGI scripts.

For this you will need

Any version of Windows greater than 95.
Apache Web Server (
FTP Server (
FTP Client (
Perl (
CGI Test script (Download)

Further resources

Free CGI scripts (

Step by step guide

  1. Downloading Apache For Windows
  2. Downloading BulletProof FTP Server
  3. Downloading CuteFTP
  4. Downloading Perl For Windows
  5. Testing IP Settings
  6. Installing Apache
  7. Changing Apache Conf
  8. Testing Apache
  9. Setting Up FTP Server
  10. Setting Up And Using CuteFTP
  11. Installing Perl
  12. Setting Up Script Path

After all of the above steps are completed place the CGI Test Script into your CGI directory and access it through your apache server. If all has gone well you will see the message. "This CGI script works!"

If so fantastic, go download more CGI scripts from and try to get some of these to work on your local machine.

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