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April 14, 2006

The Insomniacs Ball

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The Insomniacs Ball was great, much better than I had expected. That said, it would have been amazing if drinks weren’t so ridiculously priced. £4 for a beer and even worse price for spirits for an event that runs from 8pm till 6am is just not right.

April 13, 2006

Podcast Update

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I’m sitting here with James and listening to your messages and well, the general vibe is ‘shy’. Come on people, if you mess up a message just leave it again and those of you who are too terrified to speak, you can leave your question as a reply to this post and James has agreed to read it out in a comedy voice. Get asking quick, that way we’ll still be on track for the weekend.


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April 11, 2006

Questions Please

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I get so many emails asking me photography related questions that at the moment my inbox still has thousands of messages left to reply to. I really do feel bad that I haven’t answered all of them, so to purge some of my email related sins, I’m planning to answer your most frequent queries via the medium of Podcast. I’ve enlisted fellow music photographer to keep me company, if you have a question here’s the plan. Recently I got all Skyped up:

Skype: andrewkendall
Phone: +44 121 288 8909

So Skype or phone and leave a message in the format of:

“Hi my name is blah from wherever and I was wondering…”

I’m meeting with James on Thursday to put it all together so ask your question and check back at the weekend for the finished download.

April 10, 2006

Hope Of The States

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Hope Of The States for the cover of Loud & Quiet.

The Fratellis In Oldham

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One from The Fratellis in Oldham.

April 6, 2006

Richard Hawley

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Another random picture of Richard Hawley.

Nine Black Alps

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A random picture of Nine Black Alps.

Fame, Fame, Fatal Fame…

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Woo, the top 100 LiveJournal users courtesy of .

April 2, 2006

Work Experience / Assisting Jobs

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At the moment I’m getting tons of emails regarding work experience and assisting. If you’ve mailed me and I haven’t answered back yet I’m really sorry, but my inbox really is crazily full. Right now I’m not looking for anyone. If that changes I’ll make a post here so if you’re really keen the best thing to do would be to subscribe via RSS. If you’ve got another photography related question, hold that thought! In the next few weeks I’ll be sitting down and answering everyone’s questions, so again, keep reading and I’ll let you know.

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