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February 23, 2005

Baby shambles At Brixton Academy

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I just returned from the Brixton show and already there are five messages in my inbox asking if I knew what happened with the ‘fight’ onstage between Peter and Pat. Was the fight a big deal? Was the fight even real? Well to me it didn’t seem that significant or that serious, the first odd thing that I saw was near the start of the gig Peter picked up the microphone stand and threw it at Drew, while he did it they both kept smiling which was also true of both Pat and Peter during the entirety of their scuffle, not in my mind the faces of people who are genuinely fighting. Although I was there I didn’t see any guitar cable being unplugged, not to say that didn’t happen, just that I wasn’t aware of it. What I was aware of was the increased pushing and shoving between Pat and Peter which eventually escalated into them rolling around on the floor before Pete’s security, James Mullord and various others from the side of the stage intervened to break them apart.

Aside from asking what happened, there is the obvious question: did I take any pictures? The answer is yes, but before my email and journal gets filled with people asking to see them, please be patient. Baby shambles management are understandably trying to keep tighter control over who’s allowed to take pictures at the gigs after the pictures that appeared in the papers. So much so that tonight only two other photographers aside from myself and Jasmine (who runs were allowed photo access in the venue. One of the prerequisites of me being allowed to shoot was a verbal agreement that Baby shambles management would have the final say on which images are released to the press which, as far as I know, is more to stop photos like this being taken out of context rather than to censor anything. What it does mean however, is that I am waiting for the pictures that I took to be approved. I have made an agreement and I’ll obviously stick to it and hopefully everything shall be cleared once everyone wakes up this morning.

As for the gig itself it’s hard to really gauge the atmosphere when you’re in the photo pit of a big venue like Brixton so instead of asking me you’re best of reading other people’s reports that have started springing up around the web.

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