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January 30, 2005

Ludes At FROG

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Another really fun night. I turned up at FROG just as Ludes were about to go on stage, the gig was superb, the band seemed to get really into playing and the crowd responded accordingly which resulted in plenty of dancing, climbing of the walls and running through the crowd. After the gig I went backstage to say hello to the band and ended up jumping in the van with them for the journey to the squat party in Peckham.

The squat was crazy, tell me if I’m missing something here, but last time I went to a squat party it was rough, they only played house music and everyone was on drugs. Being burdened with these preconceptions it was then a great shock to walk into a relatively decadently furnished warehouse filled with indie kids dancing to Kate Bush and the Killers. The rest of the evening is hazy so I’ll make the description as succinct as I can, Ludes played, I drank, took some pictures, talked to various folks and then in the early hours of the morning returned to Camden.

I’ll leave you with the FROG pictures and a request: Next time any of you hear there’s going to be another one of these indie squat parties please let me know.

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