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October 9, 2004

Adam Green At The Barfly And Party At My Flat

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Adam Green

Well, the end of awesome week. From FROG, through a week with the Paddingtons, two Baby shambles and last night Adam Green at the Barfly. The Barfly set was really cool and I thought it was much better than the last two days at the Scala, a few songs into the set Adam produced a bag of mushrooms and started eating them one after each song, so by the end he was looking pretty spaced 🙂 When the gig finished I met up with fellow NME employee, the lovely and we went back stage (if you can say that at the Barfly) to say hello to Adam. Seeing as it was the end of the tour we invited Adam back to my flat for a party, we gathered up some friends and led Adam, the rest of the band and entourage through the streets of Camden stopping off to fetch a huge bottle of Absinthe and various other drinks. The party was great, everyone who came was really nice and it was a pleasure to meet you all, the flat remained intact but I fear far too much was drunk, after half a bottle of Absinthe I was stupidly drunk but hey I had a great time. Enjoy the pictures 🙂

October 8, 2004

The Paddingtons

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In an attempt to recollect the week: A few photos from The Paddingtons hotel on Tuesday.

Special Needs

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Special Needs

Just checking everyone has gone and bought their very own copy of Francesca. I know I’ve said it before but if you haven’t you must go shopping tomorrow, it’s that good, believe me.

The Others At Abbey Road

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The Others

Photographs from The Others guerilla gig at Abbey Road.

Baby shambles & Adam Green – (Scala, 6th October)

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Photographs from Wednesday at the Scala. The last week has been really cool, I’ve spent most of it in the company of the Paddingtons, I’m starting to lose track of exactly what I’ve been doing, but luckily I have photos to remind me. Wednesday’s Baby shambles was good, but security at the Scala were a nightmare, so much so that even though I had full permission to take pictures for the entire gig I ended up getting pulled of stage before I could properly start shooting Baby shambles, but then this is the same security that wouldn’t let Patrick from Baby shambles backstage on Thursday. Once I got dragged off I went on a mission to sort out access, it took me ages to track anyone down but on my way I bumped into Adam Green, chatted to him for a while and managed to get a few pictures. I finally tracked down Matt the Baby shambles tour manager, he was really helpful and managed to sort everything out for Thursday. After the gig I jumped in a Taxi and headed back to Koko in Camden to see the Paddingtons. I’ve got plenty of pictures from Koko and also loads from Thursday night, my plan is to spend the day getting them all online then off to the Barfly tonight.

Buying Prints From The Gallery

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I’ve removed the option to buy prints from my site for a while. My apologies to anyone who was planning on buying a print in the near future but at the moment I just don’t have enough time to keep on top of the amount of orders I’m receiving. Obviously any orders placed in the last few weeks will be sent out ASAP.

October 5, 2004

The Paddingtons

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The Paddingtons

Photos of The Paddingtons from last Wednesday, if you want to see them they are supporting Baby shambles this Thursday. Meanwhile it’s Jonathan Richman tonight, then two nights of Baby shambles and then Adam Green at the Barfly, should be a great week.

October 1, 2004

The Go! Team, The Rakes & Whitey

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The Go! Team

Photographs from John Kennedy’s X-Posure Live at the Camden Barfly, featuring The Go! Team, The Rakes and Whitey.

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