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October 18, 2004

The Libertines: What A Shambles

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After waking up this morning, looking at last nights photos and posting in LJ we met up with who very kindly offered us a lift to Philadelphia to see The Libertines. The journey was pretty straight forward – we got to the venue really early, wandered in, found Gary and said hello and then watched a bit of the sound check. After a while of sitting around, Peter the Libertines tour manager came over and asked if we could leave and come back a bit later. We went for a walk through the streets of Philadelphia, got some food and went back to the venue. I went to pick up my photopass from the desk but for some reason my name wasn’t down on the list. Luckily just that minute Carl walked past so I said hello, we chatted for a bit and I asked if he could sort out my pass, he was cool and said no problem. We hopped onto the tour bus, Carl went to get some sleep and sent me with Greg from Radio 4 to get my pass. I picked up the pass, security were being thorough and made Kris throw away half a bottle of vodka she had in her bag, but we thought fair enough.

Once inside we waited for Radio 4, I was going to take some pictures but just before they played the security guy came up and told me I wasn’t allowed to take Radio 4 pictures so I didn’t and just watched the set. The gig was good and after it finished I went forward to get a position for The Libertines. Just before they were due to come on same security guard came up and told me to put the camera away, I asked why and he told me I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures. Bemused I showed him my photopass and asked to go and find someone from Libertines to sort it out. We went upstairs and everyone was saying “it’s cool, he’s a friend of the band” but security wouldn’t listen and took me to find Peter. I tried to explain that I was supposed to be on the list, I do loads of Libertines pictures and I had come all the way from New York just to take pictures. He didn’t seem to listen and when I said Carl had okayed it he just replied “I don’t care what Carl says, I’m in charge here.” He then waved me out and security proceeded to forcefully throw me and Kris out for causing ‘trouble’. I was kind of stunned, I do so much Libertines stuff and the band were cool with me being around. I figured my pictures were good libertines promotion.

It makes me appreciate people like Baby shambles tour manager Matt ten times more, especially after he was so helpful to me last week at the Scala gig. It’s not the first time I’ve had that kind of trouble, last time was at TITP when Peter dragged me offstage during Libertines even after I had gotten permission from Alan McGee to do photographs. I understand that it’s a job but I was perturbed by the fact he didn’t want to listen and I ended up thrown out for nothing. I certainly don’t want to make enemies and I’m reluctant to post this because I’m not trying to cause trouble, especially as everyone else at Coalition / Rough Trade has been nothing but helpful to me, so if I go to shoot The Libertines again I shall make sure I triple check with Peter that it is OK and hopefully he’ll be cool with me doing pictures next time. So sadly no Libertines photographs today, instead I’m off to sort pictures from the last few days. Farewell Philadelphia, it’s certainly good to be back in rush around New York.

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