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October 17, 2004

Another Day In New York

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The Others

Yesterday, even though it was littered with misfortune, all worked out in the end. The day started with a treck around New York with Kris looking on a search for a cable for my flash. A quick question: Why are all the major NYC camera shops closed on Saturdays but open every other day? I needed a cable from my battery pack to flash, we called Alkit who said they had it in stock, so we got a cab across town only to find there was no cable in stock, headed to Calumet where it was the same story, except the cable that was in stock, was the wrong cable.

After all the hassle we were running late, so another cab downtown to meet Imran. The traffic was horrible and I had visions of missing Dios Malos who I was supposed to be photographing, fortunately I wasn’t too late, caught a few songs, grabbed some pictures, did vox pops and went to find some food.

Next stop the Cribs, they were excellent as always. The club was pretty empty but those who were there were certainly enjoying it. It seems Steve Lamacq is a bit of a Cribs fan, I was quite surprised when I looked round and caught him dancing and singing along next to me. The Cribs returned the love by doing a rendition of happy birthday to Steve. The rest of the set was pretty much the same as their recent London shows and closed on Third Outing and the usual mayhem that goes with it. After the Cribs it was on to the Vice party, we met back up with Imran and waited outside for ages, the Vice party was obviously the hot place to be judging by the amount of people waiting to get in. Dominic finally appeared and managed to drag us all in. This is where it all starts to get slightly hazy. Free drinks, talking to lots of people, photographing the Mean Reds who looked awesome on stage, you’ll see what I mean once all the photos are online. The Others set went well with the help of ‘853 NYC division’ and by the end Dominic was being held upside down singing ‘For The Poor’. After The Others it gets even hazier, something about Vice stamps and Kris rather skilfully ‘obtaining’ 2 litres of raspberry Absolut of which we attempted to drink as much of as possible, said our goodbyes, jumped in a cab vodka in hand and returned to 51st and 7th. Stumbled out of the taxi, drank more and eventually made it to bed. Now it’s Sunday sitting on the sofa PowerBooks in hand. Tonight it’s the Libertines in Philadelphia.

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