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October 15, 2004

The Music, Hope Of The States And The Moldy Peaches

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I woke up at a reasonable hour, (because I’ve been staying up really late in London I’ve luckily avoided any kind of jetlag), checked the net, laughed at .org, read my emails and when returned from work went to fetch Vodka. After vodka and in what seemed like a good idea at the time I decided to go and take photographs of The Music and Hope Of The States at the Webster Hall before the Moldy Peaches. We got a taxi, got in and saw The Music, who were cool, I shall try and see them again soon. Looking at the time I saw everything CMJ related seemed to be running late, knowing Moldy Peaches were on at 11, when it got to 10:30 and Hope Of The States were only just coming onstage I was getting a bit edgy. I got in front of the stage and started taking pictures, after the first song Sam clocked me in the photo pit and said hello, I wish I could have stayed for more of the show, but instead I ducked out of the photo pit and ran with to get a taxi. The doorman objected to my drinking of the double JD on the street, so i downed it and continued to the taxi. After getting into a cab the driver decided he had no idea where the hook was, so we jumped out and waited five minutes to get another. The next taxi driver seemed a little more helpful, ‘seemed’ being the operative word here, he drove us to Brooklyn then proceeded to look highly lost, when we suggested he look at the map he mumbled something about not being able to read it?!? and then pulled over and ask some random guy for directions. The random guy was singularly unhelpful, and instead leaned inside the taxi and seemed far more interested in Kris than actually helping us get anywhere, when the taxi driver suggested random guy get in and show us the way we just asked him to drive us to the nearest taxi office. Now running thirty minutes late we found the taxi office, jumped into another car and this time drove to the venue. We rushed through the doors, Moldy Peaches were onstage and expecting it to be well into the set I went to the front and started taking pictures, after the taking the first few pictures I glanced at the set-list expecting one or two songs left, however it seems fortunes smiles upon me, because they were still on song number one, and after all that we had only missed about thirty seconds of the show…

The gig itself was amazing, it sounded great and dancing to ‘Whose Got The Crack (Blues)’ and seeing ‘Steak For Chicken’ live again was just fantastic, after the show we grabbed a drink and wandered outside. Not knowing the area we pondered exactly how we were going to get back to Manhattan and while we did a really nice girl came up and asked ‘are you Andrew?’ there’s something random about being recognised in different country 😛 we talked about the The Libertines and whether I was going on Sunday (the answer to which is I’m still not sure) after we said goodbye we walked through Red Hook which to be fair is not the kind of place I want to spend too much time, not quite sure where to go we walked past a fire station with a few people talking out side, Kris asked and before we knew it we were in a cab on the way back to Manhattan, bagels and bed.

Today: Work on Moldy Peaches pictures and more CMJ related activities, as soon as I hear from Mr. Imran Ahmed that is.

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