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August 26, 2004

Leaving For Reading

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Ok I’m leaving for Reading right now. See you folks there. First stop Reading Fez Club: The Delays, Har Mar, The Others, The Cribs, Black Wire and Client should be cool. I think there are still tickets here.

The Rakes ‘Strasbourg’ Video

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After last Wednesday in Brighton The Rakes manager gave me the video for the new single ‘Strasbourg’ and asked me to put it online. So if you want to see it click here. You’ll need BitTorrent to download it and the latest version of QuickTime to watch it.

August 25, 2004

Reading Festival 2004

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I’m off to Reading tomorrow. Going by the line-up it will be the best festival of the year by far. Who else is going? If anyone wants to meet up leave a message or email me your mobile number and I’ll text you mine back.

August 24, 2004

Peter Doherty At The Pleasure Unit

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Peter Doherty

I’m back from V2004, I had a great time and got quite a few pictures which I’m sorting through right now, probably the best part of the festival was the Hope Of The States acoustic gig but more on that very soon (BTW who was the girl from LJ who came and said hello during the acoustic gig? I looked for you afterwards to say hello properly but didn’t see where you went).

While I’m sorting V photos here are some pictures from Pete last night in Bethnal Green.

August 20, 2004

The Rocks Album Launch

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The last few weeks have been manic with gigs and parties pretty much every night. Of that the last two days have been especially good, yesterday was the Rakes and Neils Children in Brighton and tonight was the Rocks album launch. Special Needs played first and reminded me that they are absolutely one of the best bands around at the moment, I’ve been listening to Francesca and the b-sides for months now and you have to buy it when it comes out because it’s just a great single. The Rocks were really great too and after they played it was Art Brut minus Eddie, not to worry though as Eddie was replaced by Zac Needs, Ed Idiot and various members of other bands, they played the usual Art Brut set and everybody had a great time. I even managed to get to ‘sing’ a Top of the Pops, does that mean I’m now a member of Art Brut as well?

On another note I’m off to V Chelmsford at the weekend, I’m photographing for NME but I’ll be getting the train from Liverpool street in the morning so does anyone want to meet and head there with me and maybe a few other related NME folk? If you want to meet up contact me and I’ll give you my number.

Neils Children & The Rakes In Brighton

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On Wednesday I headed to Brighton with Neils Children and The Rakes for a little ‘summer holiday’. We had a great day with Rakes karaoke, vodka on the beach and to finish it off the best performance that I’ve ever seen from The Rakes and their very special guest kazoo player .

August 17, 2004

Pete Doherty In Court This Morning

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Peter’s day in court


I arrive at the court, photographers are gathered waiting.


Pete appears through the crowds.


Radio reporter rushes forward for Pete.


The photographers leap into action.


They surround Pete as they take pictures.


Pete quickens his pace up the stairs.


Pete makes it to the door, surrounded by press.


He waves goodbye…

  And goes inside.

While waiting he goes to the window.


A photographer notices and there is a frenzy of picture taking.


Pete emerges.


Takes a bow.


And walks back into the waiting arms of the media.


After being asked questions from all angles…


…he smiles and starts to sprint away.

  Everyone goes crazy and follows in a pack.

But Peter is far too fast, I catch up with the photographers out of breath, someone has dropped their camera in the chase and holds up a broken flash. Pete still running is now just a tiny dot in the distance.

More pictures here and full news from the NME here.

August 15, 2004

The Last Few Days: Pictures Coming Soon

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The last week has essentially been a non-stop party, obviously everything has been documented, The Paddingtons, The Unstrung, Kain, Kasabian, Neils Children, The Others, The Beatings and Art Brut. I’m off to Joyfest now but I shall return and update my site with pictures very soon.

August 11, 2004

The Paddingtons At The Dublin Castle

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The Paddingtons

Pictures from The Paddingtons at the Dublin Castle.

August 9, 2004

The Unstrung

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The Unstrung

A few shots of The Unstrung, they are playing on Wednesday at the Death Disco, if you want to get on the free guestlist email If it’s anything like previous Death Discos they’ll be plenty of absinthe, love and fun guaranteed.

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