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June 20, 2004

Special Needs & The Paddingtons

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The Paddingtons

Photos from Thursday’s happenings, part of which may or may not have resulted in the fall of the Bethnal Green Flop House. The Paddingtons were great on stage and thoroughly top fellows off it as well, I wandered home rather bleary eyed on Friday morning but it was certainly a great night.

This week looks like it’s going to be rather busy, I’m heading to Glastonbury on Thursday with my camera and the NME, I’ll have a laptop so GPRS access permitting I’ll try and do daily updates to this journal with the highlights of the day. Who else here is going? If you have any recommendations of bands I have to see let me know, or if anyone wants to meet up / get themselves in some pictures, again just leave a message.

June 17, 2004

Special Needs

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After seeing this post from I remembered that the undefined young man in question had been to a party of mine a few months ago. I have an awful lot of parties and gigs that I haven’t uploaded pictures of, so I decided to the decent thing and start getting them online.

Talking of Special Needs, wine, love and parties, who’s going to the Special Needs gig tomorrow night? maybe we should have a gathering afterwards…

June 16, 2004

The Others – Camden Barfly

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The Others

Pictures from last night at the Barfly, also in case you hadn’t noticed last Wednesday’s Death Disco photos are also online.

June 14, 2004

A new icon

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Well I’ve finally changed my icon, not sure if it’s better / worse than before. Thank you for taking the picture. I’ve come to the conclusion I need practice at having my photo taken, it’s definitely a practice thing. Most people who are around me for any length of time end up having hundreds of photos taken and I’ve really noticed how after a while they learn to pose every time the camera is in sight.

Art Brut

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Art Brut

Art Brut – Top of the Pops.

Chloe Rock

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Photographs from Chloe Rock Night featuring The Chineapples, The Mardous, The Home Wreckers Club, The Unstrung and special guests Gravy Rambles. After party photos from the house of Ben, Richey, Fitz and Lee.

Kanye West

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Kanye West

Some Kanye West photos I did a few weeks back for the NME.

June 10, 2004


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i don’t suppose anyone has a spare gmail invite?

Carl joins Gravy Rambles

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Well last night was mad, I got to Death Disco a little late and there was a huge line of people waiting to get in, I met up with James from The Others and we spent some time trying to blag friends in to the venue. Once I got in I was greeted by what can only be described as a display of ‘free love’ from most of the members of the 853 which involved much jumping over tables, hugging and kissing. After purchasing a couple of shots of absinthe Alan McGee started playing tracks from the new Libertines album which sounded great, I remember hearing ‘What Katie Did’, ‘The Man Who Would Be King’ and ‘Can’t Stand Me’. After that The Others played and were fantastic as usual, crowd surfing, stage invasions and generally everything else you’d expect from an Others gig, but what happened after was a big surprise, just as The Others finished Carl stepped up to the stage and after a bit of discussion joined in with Dominic, Ben, Lewis and Sam to play ‘Where The Fuck Is Moe’ he then played ‘What A Waster’ with Ben Bailey taking over from Pete and Ben finished up with ‘Contrary Mary’, phew not a bad gig at all. There are plenty of pictures to follow, so keep watching they will be online shortly.

June 9, 2004

Gravy Rambles & Art Brut

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These entries are coming in a bit of a weird order, mainly because of Peter’s surprise reappearance, when I spoke to him on Monday he looked a lot better than I had imagined and seeing them play reminded me just how magical their music really is. I got some text messages and calls this morning to tell me he had definitely left for Thailand, so I really hope that it all works out ok. Meanwhile back in London here are pictures from Sunday when Gravy Rambles and Art Brut played across the city for Love Music Hate Racism. Sunday was a strange day, I never really slept because of Zac and the ‘incident’ where Zac ended up going to hospital, I did grab a few hours rest but I woke up to find the police had fingerprinted guitars, whiskey bottles, doors etc, such is the life of rock and roll eh? A few hours later I got a call from Lewis telling me to meet Gravy Rambles in Camden, we then trekked around London as they played impromptu gigs just about everywhere, we finished up at 93ft East on the back of a truck with the ones who formed a band.

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