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November 5, 2004

Razorlight At T In The Park 2004

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Photographs of Razorlight at T In The Park 2004.

Funeral For A Friend At T In The Park 2004

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Funeral For A Friend

More old photographs: Funeral For A Friend at T in the Park 2004.

The Cribs At Death Disco

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The Cribs

I’m digging through my pile of older photographs to sort. Here’s some pictures of The Cribs at Death Disco from the end of September.

November 3, 2004

The Gilded Voyage Of Sin

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Neils Children

Saturday night started with a large bottle of absinthe shared between myself, and tallalex on the way to ‘The Gilded Voyage Of Sin’. We got to the venue and just walked in through the back door, no security to check passes or tickets (a handy tip for next time you want to pay a visit). Once inside I was greeted by a huge amount of people, pretty much everyone seemed to be there and I spent the first hour just talking. Met all the usual crowd including Mr. and the ever generous as well as lots of new folks (hello to you all!) After talking I took photos of the bands and wandered around in-between meeting a very drunken Tim Jonze and speaking to a lot more people. When it all finished looked for for a bit, where on earth did she go? After having no success finding her I walked back home to Camden with a barefoot tallalex and then beat-up a few crack dealers before falling asleep.

November 2, 2004

Kings Of Leon At The Carling Academy Islington

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Kings Of Leon

Photographs from the Kings Of Leon last night at the Islington Academy.

October 30, 2004

Ludes At Kill All Hippies

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Photographs from last nights Ludes gig at Kill All Hippies, the gig was pretty cool and I ended up feeling very welcome back in the country! In fact I lost count of how many hugs and kisses I got while I was supposed to be taking photos 😉 Thank you all. I haven’t slept since last night, so now some rest and tonight The Cribs and Baby shambles…

October 28, 2004

New York City’s Very Pretty In The Night Time

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The Cribs

Well I made it back alive and after a fantastic two weeks in New York all I can say is England has never felt so English. I have a few days of rock and roll debauchery planned, if you wish to join me leave a comment, Mr and Miss please step forward, would you care to join? Meanwhile I leave you with some photos of The Cribs I sorted on the plane on the way back. Oh and before I forget I just signed up to MySpace, so add me if you like.

October 21, 2004

The Others At Vice Magazine’s 10th Birthday

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Dominic Masters

Photographs of The Others from Vice Magazine’s 10th birthday party.

October 20, 2004

The Mean Reds At Vice Magazine’s 10th Birthday

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The Mean Reds

Photographs of The Mean Reds from Vice Magazine’s 10th birthday party.

October 19, 2004

The Moldy Peaches At The Hook In Brooklyn

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The Moldy Peaches

Pictures of last Thursday’s excellent Moldy Peaches show.

Meanwhile I’ve got no real plans for tonight and have in my possession a very large bottle of vodka, does anyone want to ‘take me out?’

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