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December 11, 2004

Special Needs & The Rocks At Infinity

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Special Needs

Ha, so some photographer I turn out to be. After not making it to the Futureheads instead I go see watch Special Needs, and whilst the most dramatic onstage moment in their history unfurls I just stand there open mouthed and don’t even take a single picture. Tonight was disturbing, for anyone who has been around Zac in the last few months it is obvious that his drink problem is out of hand. Ever since I met him a year ago his drinking has been an issue, but recently it has become increasingly more evident. Tonight when myself and wander upstairs to find Zachery crying we know the night is not going to go well, but as he steps on to the stage dressed in a Batman outfit there is something laughable but tragic about the whole affair, the band try to hold it together, but at the end of the day their lead singer can barely sing, and as Zac decides to change his clothes on stage you can see the anger reaching boiling point in Andrew Needs eyes. The next song last barely a minute, Andrew singing into Zac’s face and before you know it Zac lashes out and punches Andrew in the face, the gig descends into chaos as the band members roll around on the floor, you can see from the looks of most of the people in the place the disappointment and frustration of what is going on. Zac leaves the stage nearly in tears, apologising to everyone around, and well is that it? Special Needs. Afterwards The Rocks play, the usual Rocks set, upbeat a good show, but at the end of the night all I hear is everyone talking about Special Needs, I just hope that Zac can sort himself out, and as I make my way from Infinity I’m left with the feeling that everyone else in the venue feels the same.

December 7, 2004

A Quick LiveJournal Update

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Peter playing acoustic at Infinity.

After staying up most of Thursday night sorting Pete’s laptop, I awoke Friday, checked my mail and saw that I had a quick photo shoot with Simon Pegg of ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ fame for the NME Christmas issue. I headed for the shoot, took the pictures I needed and then made my way back to Camden for Baby shambles at the Barfly. The show was good, there was an awful lot of stage diving from both the crowd and the QoN and in the end, a stage invasion of sorts.

Saturday was mostly spent sorting and editing pictures, I have a huge amount from the last few weeks still to upload, so if there is something you are waiting for don’t fear, it should be online in the next few days.

Sunday was the ‘XFM Winter Winderland’. I heard that the Shambles weren’t playing so I arrived there a bit later, thus missing the whole Pete / Shambles not being allowed on stage fiasco. On the way there I got a text from Drew Shambles asking if I was coming out, he said they were playing Nambucca but I couldn’t make it in time as I had to shoot Kasabian and Razorlight for NME. He did however say that there was another show at 11:45 at infinity so I decided I would try and make my way to that instead. The XFM gig was strange, I got a weird vibe from most of the crowd and it seemed that everyone who took to the stage felt it was mandatory to indulge in some form of ‘crack related humour‘. I took some pictures of Tim Wheeler, Kasabian and Razorlight and whilst in the photo pit for Tim Wheeler had the pleasure of meeting for the first time. After Razorlight finished I made my way to Infinity with and Guy. Infinity was relatively empty but the Shambles sounded great and after the show Pete headed down stairs and played another acoustic set. Everyone sat around, requested songs and sang along, it felt just like the old Albion rooms gigs and for me was definitely the high point of the day. At the end of the acoustic set Infinity’s security started chucking everyone out from the venue, the last thing I saw before I made my way home was a huge mob of fans surrounding the Peter’s van.

December 3, 2004

Baby shambles At The XFM Studios

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It seems strange, but on Wednesday it was exactly one year since I took my first proper photos of the The Libertines. I was flicking through my old emails and it struck me how quickly everything happened, there is an email dated the 11th of December 2003, which was the date NME first contacted me in regards to taking photos for them. It seems so much has happened in this past year; and yet it turned out that on this one year anniversary I found myself in the company of Peter again, this time with Baby Shambles as they recorded their session for XFM. When I arrived the band were really busy with interviews, so I had to wait around for a few hours with the NME reporter, Marc. After the wait I took the pictures I needed for the article, Drew and Peter asked if I wanted to head to the pub with them. We jumped in a cab to Whitechapel where I took some more photos, and after having a drink I got a taxi back to Camden with Drew.

Last night I was planning on staying in and sorting out photos when Gill rang. She passed me on to Peter who asked if I could come round and fix his laptop for him, so I set off to meet him at Wolfman’s flat. Once there he drove myself, Gill and to Gill’s flat to pick up the laptop, on the way we had quite a nerve-racking brush with the law, but I’ll let explain more about that… Eventually we got there, sat around and talked for a bit then Pete gave me both of his laptops to take back to mine. Both are filled with hours and hours of recordings which he asked me to put online for him. There is so much stuff that BitTorrent is the only sensible way of doing it. However, the problem with BitTorrents are that they are slow if there aren’t enough seeders, so I’m going to need some help: If you understand enough about BitTorrent to know how to seed a file, have a broadband connection and can leave your computer most of the time for the next four to five days, please email me. I aim to get around thirty seeders online, and then post the link to files publicly so everyone can download the files at a reasonable speed.

November 28, 2004

Carol Singing With Girls Aloud

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I promise I shall explain all soon…

The Others At Rough Trade

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Loads of people have been asking for the pictures from The Others at Rough Trade, here we go.

Graham And Pete At The Forum

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The last few days have been interesting to say the least.

Thursday: Carol Singing with Girls Aloud, The Others video shoot and Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah, Metro Riots and Special Needs at the Elbow Room.
Friday: Baby shambles Christmas shoot and Art Brut’s single launch.
Saturday: Graham Coxon being joined by Pete D at the Forum.

Of course I have pictures of all of the above, so now I’m going to sit in front of the computer and see what I can do about getting them online.

November 23, 2004

Delays At Becky’s House Party

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Last night was strange but fun. The Delays held a competition, the prize being a gig at the winner’s house. Tim Jonze asked me to go along and take some pictures, so I went, thinking it would be an acoustic guitar type affair. I certainly didn’t expect a full sound system. There was just about the right amount of people and a really good atmosphere, the gig sounded great and there was plenty of free alcohol, what more could one need? Enjoy the pictures.

The Longcut Around Manchester

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The Longcut

I spent most of Saturday wandering around Manchester with . There are some amazing abandoned buildings just outside of the main shopping areas, so of course I got some photographs, after that we met up with The Longcut and I took a few posed shots with them.

November 22, 2004

The Longcut At The Bier Keller In Manchester

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The Longcut

Photographs of The Longcut live at the Bier Keller in Manchester.

The Rakes In The Studio

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The Rakes

Pictures of The Rakes in the studio, taken for NME.

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