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February 5, 2005

Pete Doherty At Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court

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If you’re looking for pictures of Pete I’ll warn you now that there are none, instead it’s more of an overview in pictures of the days activities outside Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court.

February 3, 2005

The Killers At The Dome In Brighton

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The Killers

Pictures from The Killers at The Dome in Brighton.

Bloc Party And The NME Awards Tour In Brighton

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Bloc Party

A short list of things I did yesterday:
  • Bought a brand new cable for
    my flash.
  • Went to Brighton.
  • Took photographs of the Bloc Party signing.
  • Took photographs of Bloc Party / The Futureheads and The Killers.
  • Made my web site run much faster! (Is it noticeable?)
Today I shall be:
  • Putting more photos online.
  • Taking pictures of the Cazals.

February 1, 2005

Web Site Problems

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My web site has been down for the last few hours due to a massive amount of traffic.

The company who my server is hosted with have been informed so I’m off to get some rest, could someone please comment when it’s back up so I can get an idea of how long it takes them to fix it. Cheers.

‘Children Of The Tsunami’ Benefit At The Garage

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As I thought plans seldom do go to plan, yesterday was meant to be spent in Paris taking pics of teh Borrell but things aren’t all well in that camp so instead the plan changed to The Others in-store and then on to the Tsunami benefit in Islington. If you’ve been reading the papers then you’d be surprised how good Pete looked, I’d certainly say someone has been polishing up his rough edges so to speak. The gig was pretty manic and I spent most of it crushed down the front with people flying over my head, but that of course is all part of the fun. I’ll leave you with the photos… Oh and if anyone who went to the gig happened to find a cheapish looking Canon 50mm lens lying around, that’ll be mine, a victim of the rather zealous nature of the crowd. Its return would be welcomed.

January 30, 2005

Ludes At FROG

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Another really fun night. I turned up at FROG just as Ludes were about to go on stage, the gig was superb, the band seemed to get really into playing and the crowd responded accordingly which resulted in plenty of dancing, climbing of the walls and running through the crowd. After the gig I went backstage to say hello to the band and ended up jumping in the van with them for the journey to the squat party in Peckham.

The squat was crazy, tell me if I’m missing something here, but last time I went to a squat party it was rough, they only played house music and everyone was on drugs. Being burdened with these preconceptions it was then a great shock to walk into a relatively decadently furnished warehouse filled with indie kids dancing to Kate Bush and the Killers. The rest of the evening is hazy so I’ll make the description as succinct as I can, Ludes played, I drank, took some pictures, talked to various folks and then in the early hours of the morning returned to Camden.

I’ll leave you with the FROG pictures and a request: Next time any of you hear there’s going to be another one of these indie squat parties please let me know.

January 29, 2005


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From my experience plans rarely end up going to plan, but if all works out then I shall be in Paris on Monday to take some pictures for the NME. I’m not sure how long I’ll be around, but in case I end up staying for a few days I was just wondering if there are any decent bands playing the city during the first half of next week?

The Rakes At Camden Barfly

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The Rakes

Well I’m back from once more from the clutches of The Rakes / Ludes tour bus. Again I had a great time, the highlight probably being the entire Portsmouth experience (but more on that soon).

Yesterday was another great day, NME ask whether I wanted to shoot My Chemical Romance at Brixton, seeing as it was early I though I might as well, so I wandered along, got some live photos and then went backstage to the bands dressing room to get some a few more casual shots (which I’m working on right now, click here for a teaser). Once that was done I stuck around long enough to get a few pictures of Taking Back Sunday before heading back to Camden for whiskey and then on to The Rakes at the Barfly with and . Even though I have seen The Rakes more times than I can count in the last few weeks I would say that the Barfly was the best of all, the atmosphere was fantastic and I managed to have a good dance and still get a few pics as well.

Tonight I’m planning on making my way to see Ludes at FROG at 1AM and then heading to a party in Peckham where there are quite a few bands playing, at the moment I’m not sure who I’m going with so if anyone wants to accompany me just let me know and I shall get you on to the FROG guestlist.

January 25, 2005

A Brand New Plan

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OK, so… Birmingham!?! What no room at the inn or more like no hotels in the whole ‘city’ because of some stupid furniture convention at the NEC. The only alternative: back on the tour with the rakes, this time I’ve brought along for the ride, last time I saw her she was taking lurid photos of The Rakes, but I’m sure she’ll post those soon enough. Meanwhile I have photos to send to NME, does anyone know of an internet cafe in Portsmouth? (PS please excuse any typos, I’m updating from a bunk bed via my mobile.).

Update: Internet cafe found, I’m just sending the pictures now. Once that’s done does anyone know of any interesting places to go in Portsmouth?

Plan For The Next Few Days

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Just when I was about to upload the rest of the tour photos a slight change of plan. In a minute I shall make my way to Birmingham for the NME to get a few more shots of The Others, stay overnight and try and track down Adam Green during the day and take some more pics, go take some photos at the Adam Green gig, head to Leicester for the last night of The Others, The Rakes and Ludes and then return to London for Rakes at the Barfly. That is the plan, let’s see how it works out…

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