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December 3, 2004

Baby shambles At The XFM Studios

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It seems strange, but on Wednesday it was exactly one year since I took my first proper photos of the The Libertines. I was flicking through my old emails and it struck me how quickly everything happened, there is an email dated the 11th of December 2003, which was the date NME first contacted me in regards to taking photos for them. It seems so much has happened in this past year; and yet it turned out that on this one year anniversary I found myself in the company of Peter again, this time with Baby Shambles as they recorded their session for XFM. When I arrived the band were really busy with interviews, so I had to wait around for a few hours with the NME reporter, Marc. After the wait I took the pictures I needed for the article, Drew and Peter asked if I wanted to head to the pub with them. We jumped in a cab to Whitechapel where I took some more photos, and after having a drink I got a taxi back to Camden with Drew.

Last night I was planning on staying in and sorting out photos when Gill rang. She passed me on to Peter who asked if I could come round and fix his laptop for him, so I set off to meet him at Wolfman’s flat. Once there he drove myself, Gill and to Gill’s flat to pick up the laptop, on the way we had quite a nerve-racking brush with the law, but I’ll let explain more about that… Eventually we got there, sat around and talked for a bit then Pete gave me both of his laptops to take back to mine. Both are filled with hours and hours of recordings which he asked me to put online for him. There is so much stuff that BitTorrent is the only sensible way of doing it. However, the problem with BitTorrents are that they are slow if there aren’t enough seeders, so I’m going to need some help: If you understand enough about BitTorrent to know how to seed a file, have a broadband connection and can leave your computer most of the time for the next four to five days, please email me. I aim to get around thirty seeders online, and then post the link to files publicly so everyone can download the files at a reasonable speed.

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