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December 21, 2004

Astoria Photographs From Saturday Night

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After an awful lot of deliberation I have made a decision regarding the photographs from Saturday night. I always knew I should make them public but the overwhelming reaction from everyone’s comments just confirmed this. My first instinct was just to upload them straight to my journal and on Sunday night I very nearly did just that. The only things that stopped me are the relatively limited readership of my journal and my concern about taking on the role of being solely responsible for making them available. At the end of the day Mean Fiddler is a very influential company and with the Astoria’s history and its future in jeopardy, I can’t really afford to incur the wrath of such a large organisation.

What is happening to the photographs? When I woke up Monday morning my inbox was full of enquiries from various agencies and publications about the pictures. Despite all the interest my final decision was for the NME to print them. I know some of you may not agree with my choice, but the NME is the biggest music newspaper in the UK and thus has the most relevant audience for the pictures. What’s more, on a personal level they have always been very supportive of me, helping me get to shows and giving me access that I would not normally have had, so for all their help I feel I have some loyalty to them. Finally, and perhaps more importantly they have assured me that I would be fully protected by IPC Media if any legal action were to be taken.

Several of the people who were attacked have emailed and asked if the pictures could be used as evidence. I hope this goes without saying, yes, of course they may. I have already burnt a few CDs and have them ready to hand to police as soon as they are requested.

So now I guess we just have to wait for a little while until the pictures are made public. I certainly think it will be interesting to see what the full consequences of Saturday night’s no-show, rioting and the security guards heavy handedness will be.

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