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December 11, 2004

Special Needs & The Rocks At Infinity

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Special Needs

Ha, so some photographer I turn out to be. After not making it to the Futureheads instead I go see watch Special Needs, and whilst the most dramatic onstage moment in their history unfurls I just stand there open mouthed and don’t even take a single picture. Tonight was disturbing, for anyone who has been around Zac in the last few months it is obvious that his drink problem is out of hand. Ever since I met him a year ago his drinking has been an issue, but recently it has become increasingly more evident. Tonight when myself and wander upstairs to find Zachery crying we know the night is not going to go well, but as he steps on to the stage dressed in a Batman outfit there is something laughable but tragic about the whole affair, the band try to hold it together, but at the end of the day their lead singer can barely sing, and as Zac decides to change his clothes on stage you can see the anger reaching boiling point in Andrew Needs eyes. The next song last barely a minute, Andrew singing into Zac’s face and before you know it Zac lashes out and punches Andrew in the face, the gig descends into chaos as the band members roll around on the floor, you can see from the looks of most of the people in the place the disappointment and frustration of what is going on. Zac leaves the stage nearly in tears, apologising to everyone around, and well is that it? Special Needs. Afterwards The Rocks play, the usual Rocks set, upbeat a good show, but at the end of the night all I hear is everyone talking about Special Needs, I just hope that Zac can sort himself out, and as I make my way from Infinity I’m left with the feeling that everyone else in the venue feels the same.

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