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July 31, 2004

Pictures From The Others Album Deal Signing

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Dominic Masters

A few pictures from The Others signing their album deal last Tuesday.

July 30, 2004

Pictures From Special Needs At FROG Last Month

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Special Needs

I was just looking through my older photos and found these ones from last month of Special Needs at FROG and the subsequent gathering at my flat. Special Needs are playing on Sunday at Flook’s Official Launch Night, other bands playing are: Kill City, The Unstrung, The Paddingtons, The Mardous and The Home Wreckers Club, is anybody else planning on going along?

Selfish Cunt Vs Peter Doherty In This Weeks NME

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Selfish Cunt

If you haven’t seen already, this weeks issue of NME has the photos from Selfish Cunt vs Peter at the Buckingham Palace photo shoot on pages 4 and 5, next weeks issue should have the group picture with all of the other bands.

July 28, 2004

Art Brut & The Libertines

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The Libertines

Photos from Monday, and I went to see Art But at the Barfly, afterwards we took most of Art Brut and various other folks back to mine for drinks before we left for Dirty Pretty Things / ‘s birthday. Getting there late meant we missed The Rocks and Neil’s Children, but we did get to see the marvellous sight of The Libertines being joined by Tim Burgess and Har Mar Superstar. Top of the Pops.

July 22, 2004

Flook Night At The Half Moon

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The Cribs

Pictures from last Friday at the Half Moon, it was a good night, there were loads of people from the Libertines Forum. I’ve been listening to The Cribs song Another Number ever since I saw them at T in the Park and it was great to see it live again.

Finally after much hassle my broadband has been properly connected. I’ve pledged to lock myself in my flat for a few days and get my site all up to date, if anyone’s got nothing better to do and is near Camden feel free to pop by and keep me company, there’s plenty of spare computers, free internet access and wine.

July 19, 2004

Peter Vs Selfish Cunt

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Pete Vs Martin

Here’s one of the pictures from Wednesday’s adventures, the rest should be in NME soon, once they’ve been printed I’ll put them all online. If you feel ultra lo-fi you can hear the song written in honour of that eventful Wednesday. I’ve been sorting pictures all day so expect Friday’s events online sometime tonight. Right now I’m off to Art Brut at the ICA.

July 18, 2004

Pete Doherty At The Rhythm Factory

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Pete Doherty

A few pictures from Pete on Tuesday, I thought it was a really good gig although I did have the advantage of being at the very front, I know some people at the back had a hard time seeing anything. We spent Wednesday doing a photo shoot for NME with loads of new bands like; The Paddingtons, The Others Babyshambles and Art Brut, for all those who are asking, yes the stories are true 🙂 The photo shoot was cool but ended shall we say ‘messily’. I ended up returning to home and getting very drunk with Art Brut, called round and we went to the Good Mixer to meet Hope Of The States. Sam was great and got me a photopass for their show at the Electric Ballroom so I went to take some pictures whilst Art Brut wrote songs about Selfish Cunt in my garden. Thursday was The Future Heads and Razorlight aftershow and Friday an excellent night featuring The Cribs, The Unstrung and The Paddingtons, but more on that soon.

July 11, 2004

The Strokes At T In The Park

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Another really good day of pictures, The Cribs and Razorlight were
great, I’ve hundreds of images to upload but for now a teaser, keep
watching this space and pick up this weeks NME 🙂

T In The Park

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Kind of live from TITP, or at least the Hilton hotel… a really great day for photos, tomorrow Razorlight and The Strokes 🙂

July 9, 2004

Photographs From Glastonbury Festival 2004

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Still broadband-less! Not to complain too much but Pipex managed to ‘lose’ my order, which means I have to wait an extra week. My advice; never use Pipex internet, their customer support is useless. I have however signed up with Nildram who seem much better support wise so I should be properly back online next week. Meanwhile I’ve uploaded the Glastonbury pictures (which by the way took about 4 hours). I still have lots from the last week to upload including The Others at the BBC for all those who are asking. I’m off to T in the Park tomorrow where I’m photographing: Kasabian, Dogs Die In Hot Cars, The Zutons, British Sea Power, Funeral For A Friend, Keane, Razorlight, Hope Of The States, N*E*R*D and The Libertines so if you are there look out for me. If not I shall be back to my usual frequent updates as soon as my broadband is connected.

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